Healthcare wall décor has a bigger purpose than brightening up a corridor

Graphics and images, including wall murals and wayfinding, that adorn the walls in healthcare settings have the potential to deliver so much more than look pretty and if they don’t, you’re missing an opportunity:

Reduce stress and anxiety

Effective wayfinding helps reduce stress but there are other ways of promoting calm and reassurance through wall décor that healthcare settings can embrace. The right images can create feelings of tranquillity, make clinical environments less stark and intimidating, and create a brighter, more positive atmosphere.

Hospital wall murals
Full Length Wall Murals

Create distraction

Hospital visits can be stressful or even scary, especially for children. Large format wall murals that fill the space with joyful and stimulating images can offer a useful distraction for young people and make visits, and even procedures and treatments, a much more tolerable and positive experience.

Paediatric ultrasound room Bradford Royal Infirmary wall murals
Joyful Woodland Scene in Paediatric Ultrasound Room

Provide stimulus for those with dementia

Image choice is vital for people living with dementia. Photos and other imagery such as local landmarks, beautiful scenery, and times gone by have the power to prompt long term memories, stimulate the mind, and evoke nostalgia. However, without an understanding of how dementia affects perception, it’s very easy to make the wrong choice which could be unsettling or even frightening. Visual cues are also much more useful for wayfinding for people with dementia than text signage.

Local landmarks in wall murals to aid familiarity
Local landmarks can be familiar and comforting


Obviously, the primary objective of directional signage is to help people navigate their way around the building, but text-based signs are just one way of doing this. Colour coding, pictorial icons and symbols, and other visual cues will help people find their way around effectively.

Hospital Wayfinding using Text, Icons, Directional Signage, and Other Visual Cues
Wayfinding using Text, Icons, Directional Signage, and Other Visual Cues

Dekko Graphics and Healthcare

Tony Stead, Dekko’s lead on Healthcare, has a wealth of knowledge in this area and has been working closely with hospitals and care homes for many years to deliver effective signage and wall décor to these complex environments. We have access to over 10,000 high quality images and a detailed understanding of the nuance required to choose the most appropriate ones for each setting we work with. Some of the images have won awards for their innovation and impact and our intention is to aim high.

Contact Tony to discuss your healthcare signage requirements.