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Case Study: BRI Radiology Department

Creating a more tranquil and calming environment for adults and children

Hospital visits can be stressful and challenging, especially for those coming in for scans, which can be daunting for anyone. After raising funds through the Rays a Smile campaign, Bradford Royal Infirmary’s vision was to create a more soothing and relaxing environment for both adults and children coming into the Radiology department.

How we did it

With peace and tranquillity in mind, we injected an ambience of calm and serenity in the adult ward through a woodland theme. We filled the walls with life size high resolution photos of sun dappled forest scenes from the Yorkshire countryside, which help to soothe nerves and promote calm


The brief for the children’s area was slightly different. Yes, it still needed to create a calming space, but it was also an opportunity to provide some stimulus to serve as a distraction. We continued the forest theme here but adapted it for a younger audience in the form of beautiful illustrations with charming woodland creatures interspersed through the scenes to engage and stimulate the children. Foxes and badgers run through the woods or peek from behind trees low down at eye level while birds and squirrels can be spotted in the branches.

Colours are bold yet calming and sky-themed lighting panels help create the illusion of outside space in areas that have no natural light.

Not forgetting Wayfinding

In addition to the creative aspects of reducing anxiety through graphics and images, there was still the very functional requirement of effective wayfinding; after all, being able to navigate your way around is just as important for managing stress levels.

Our Wayfinding solution employs a number of visual cues including traditional text signage, directional arrows and symbols, colour coding, and pictorial icons to help people locate the right area. Photos and graphics that continue the calming woodland theme enhance the functional wayfinding elements without distracting from them.

BRI Radiology wayfinding

How it went

We have had an excellent response from the department. There is definitely a sense that the whole space feels more friendly and reassuring, and that this also makes procedures and treatments more tolerable, creating a more positive experience for visitors and even staff.

“Tony has been amazing to work with. From our ideas during the planning stages to multiple meetings throughout Tony has always listened and helped us design a fantastic radiology department for all our patients. He has helped us transform both the look and the feel of our department and has always taken time to understand our requirements.

Tony and the team worked flexibly throughout the time of the pandemic to ensure that work was carried out safely and with no disruption to our patients and staff. The end result is outstanding.”

Leanne Elliot
Deputy Chief Medical Officer
Consultant Paediatric Radiologist

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